Professional Master of Ceremonies with Panache & Passion


‘The tongue is the only tool that gets sharper with use.’ – Washington Irving

Hullo everyone, my name is Daniel Chua and my specialisation is in helping you  effectively deliver your messages to your target audience. Since 1999, I have honed my communications skills through being a master-of-ceremoniesactormodel, singer, stage performer, as well as managed marketing and communications responsibilities in theAsia-Pacific region.

All-in-all, I am a Communicator and Motivator, and I continue to work with a wide range of clients ranging from MNCs to government agencies for their marketing and communications needs as the Creative Solutions Director of an integrated marketing agency.

With the ability to read, adapt to and motivate  your audience, I’d love to assist you with being your Team-Building Facilitator at your next workshop, or Presenter at your nextConference or Product Launch. I’ll be perfectly comfortable working with all levels of your personnel.

I’d also like this site to help me connect with my peers worldwide who are passionate about Presenting and Motivating, or just all things cool. Please drop me a note! I also collect meaningful slides sent to me by friends and family, which you may enjoy and share here.

I look forward to hearing from you at
Thank you.

我能非常舒服的使用华语和您的观众交流。 期望和等待着您的联络。谢谢。


Experience Daniel Chua’s flair, savoir faire, panache and passion for engaging and motivating your audience.

Committed to ensuring your audience enjoys and remembers your event be it a highly formal affair or a fun informal celebration, DanielChua has won multiple commendations for his professionalism, creativity and dynamism.

A versatile and talented bilingual MC with diverse experience in the media and performing arts, DanielChua has been Master of Ceremonies for renowned Brands including AUDI, CitiGold, Nokia, Emirates, Baccarat and Shell, these including luxury product launches, concerts, sports events, auctions, conferences, promotional roadshows and corporate celebrations.

DanielChua’s warm wit combined with his diverse experience, creativity, stylish delivery, familiarity with protocol and empathy has delighted clients and won him accolades over the years. DanielChua has a mastery of English, and communicates effectively in Mandarin, and adapts well to various audiences through accents and dialects. Highly experienced dealing with various crowd situations, he thinks quickly on his feet, absorbing information on the fly for effective communications.

DanielChua’s communications capabilities and people skills have also been employed in leading and facilitating team-building and leadership development programmes for MNCS like ABN-AMRO, Caltex and Temasek Holdings.

As an Actor, DanielChua has performed on stage overseas and on Singapore TV channels MediaCorp 5,8, U,I and Suria. As a Model, his images have been used across various media by brands including AUDI, OCBC, RBS Bank and NETS.

For availabilities and rates enquiries, please contact DanielChua at Thank You.

  • Experience that has shaped his stage Style:
    • Being a member of award winning acapella group L’apaterif for the Harmony Awards 1998
    • Winning duo and group acts in Talentime Stardust 1999
    • Second place winner in the solo segment of the Sound of Music competition.
    • Having trained and sung with the National Junior College Choir, National Chorale and Singapore Lyric Opera.
    • Professional training in Chinese Opera at the Chinese Opera Institute, with performances in in Singapore and Thailand.
    • A background in modern dance, with the lead pas de deux role in Reflections 2000 performed at the University Cultural Centre, whilst also being trained in Flamenco and Salsa.
    • Being a finalist in Glamour Quest 2003, and an award winner (Urban Homme) in Mr Singapore 2005.
    • Being The New Paper Bachelor 2004, and being elected to be in NuYou magazine’s ‘Men We Love’, and  Her World magazine’s ‘50 Gorgeous People’.
    • Supporting roles with the main cast in Channels U, I, 5 and 8, as well having been in print and television commercials and corporate videos.
    • Performing the lead role of St Paul in Paul the Musical in 2009.
    • Leading team building activities for firms like VISA and Bobbi Brown.