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The A Cappella Society is excited to be organsing this year’s International A Cappella Festival and we have a great line up for you this October. I hope you can find the time to come and join us at these concerts! The quality and standard of these performers will not only inspire us but also refresh our perceptions of what a cappella music & performance can be. Limited seats available per concert, so hurry and get yours today!

  • Comedy Pop – SUADE 9 Oct
  • K-Pop – A-FIVE 14 Oct
  • Modern Jazz-Pop – KLANGBEZIRK 25 Oct
  • All-Male Pop  – FOOL MOON 26 Oct
  • All-Female Jazz – NINIWE 27 Oct
  • Acoutic Pop – VOCAL DENTE 28 Oct
  • Premiere Singapore Jazz – KEY ELEMENTS 29 Oct & 31st Oct
  • Mando-Pop – ORANGE 30th Oct

More detailed information :


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