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Judging the tree by its fruit

You’d have to be living under a boulder if you’ve not heard or read about US Pastor Terry Jones’ threat to burn copies of the Koran/Quran in protest against the planned building of an Islamic centre near Ground Zero in New York. Outrage and disbelief has understandably erupted worldwide by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, especially as the controversial announcement came just before the Aidilfitri holiday which marks the end of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan.

Thankfully,  reason has prevailed and the burning has been cancelled, preventing bloodshed.  If the fruit is dangerous dissension and senseless discord, with potentially violent consequences, it cannot be the work and inspiration of the Almighty, regardless of whether the source if an organisation or an individual.


Cable News Network (CNN) Promotional Video at Capella Singapore

Depicted the busy modern day business traveller taking a much needed break at the Capella Singapore premium resort for CNN.

Experienced the Constellation suite, with an excellent view of the Singapore skyline from both the bed and jacuzzi, a short but soothing massage by the Auriga spa therapist (surprisingly, an excellently skilled Singaporean –  not quite the usual encountered), and the gym with some of the most sophisticated equipment I’ve seen. Also experienced one of the villas – with its own pool and beautiful interiors, a great place to stay in if the pricetag is no concern.

Resorts World Singapore Promotional video for Singapore Airlines

With the Delightful Dancers at Universal Studios Singapore's Mel's Diner

Great shoot with friendly cast and crew 4-5 Sept 2010, depicting all the pleasures available on Resorts World Sentosa to visitors arriving in Singapore via Singapore Airlines. Experienced the designer Hotel by Michael Graves, the Festive Hotel, the bustling Casino (but of course), and met playful Kungfu Panda,  voluptuous Marilyn Monroe, freaky Frankenstein, quirky Woody Woodpecker, the hilarious dancing and singing cast of Madagascar, and the babelicious singing trio at the good ol’ American  Mel’s Diner in Universal Studios Singapore. People were running in the gates when they opened at 10 am, I kid you not.

Opening Night of the Latin American Film Festival 2010

With Film Producer Mrs Emilia Arau

It was a privilege being the MC for the opening night of the inaugural  Singapore Latin-American Film Festival (LAFF) 2010 hosted at Golden Village Vivocity. Well-attended by members of the Latin American community in Singapore as well as their friends from around the world and Singapore, it was a marvelous gathering of people not just from different nations but diverse industries.

The opening film was the highly acclaimed movie ‘Like Water for Chocolate‘. Although nearly twenty years since it’s making, the film was entertaining, evocative and loved by the audience who erupted in highly appreciative applause when the film ended. A highlight of the evening was the Q&A session with the movie’s line producer, Mrs Emilia Arau, who had flown in to be Guest-of-Honour for the occasion.

An emotional Mrs Arau confessed she cried when watching the movie again, despite the numerous times she had viewed it; having been based on family history, it was very close to her heart. Humourously, she went on to share that one of the key challenges in making the film was in keeping the roses fresh in the middle of the desert during filming, whilst it took hours alone to get them from the nearest town.

The festival will run from 1-7 September 2010 at Golden Village VivoCity, and will bring together the best of contemporary Latin American films from  Chile, Costa RicaPeruMexico and Venezuela. Festival details and movie synopses may be found here, and tickets may be  purchased from the Golden Village website.

Now, to search for the recipe for  ‘Quail in Rose Petal Sauce‘, the dish that created such an eruption of arousal in the movie… …

What I’d Love to Do For You.

Hullo everyone, my name is Daniel Chua and my specialisation is in helping you  effectively deliver your messages to your target audience. Since 1999, I have honed my communications skills through being a master-of-ceremonies, actor, model, singer, stage performer, as well as managed marketing and communications responsibilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

All-in-all, I am a Communicator and Motivator, and I continue to work with a wide range of clients ranging from MNCs to government agencies for their marketing and communications needs as the Creative Solutions Director of an integrated marketing agency.

With the ability to read, adapt to and motivate  your audience, I’d love to assist you with being your Team-Building Facilitator at your next workshop, or Presenter at your next Conference or Product Launch. I’ll be perfectly comfortable working with all levels of your personnel.

I’d also like this site to help me connect with my peers worldwide who are passionate about Presenting and Motivating, or just all things cool. Please drop me a note!

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